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Braava 380t
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Review by Sarah B.
I so desperately wanted this to work. As the mom of two kids under five, my floors remain perpetually sticky thanks to spilled juice, dribbled dinner, and a host of other toddler-induced messes. I was thrilled thinking that this floor mopping robot would help make my work load easier. It made me sad to learn that it did little more than just wipe my floors down. I tried it a few different ways: once with the dry sweeping cloth, once with water and the wet mopping cloth, and once with a swiffer wet cloth. It is super easy to use and after the first time I used it, it seemed to learn my kitchen fairly quickly. The bottom of the cloth showed that it had picked up some dirt, but there were still several spots of the floor that I later had to go back and clean by hand. If your floors are already in fairly good condition and you just want a quick touch-up between deep cleanings, I think the Braava can handle that, but if your floors are genuinely in need of mopping, this isn't going to make them sparkle.

My kids did find it highly entertaining. My two-year-old ran around the house yelling that the "Robot is going to eat my toes!" Don't worry, no toes were consumed in the testing of this product. The device itself is very easy to use. The reusable cloths attach easily, and the Swiffer brand cloths I had on hand also fit without any problem. It plays a cute tune when it's done mopping and then it returns to the place where it started. The charging dock charged it fairly quickly and the charge lasted long enough to clean my kitchen, entry-way, and two bathrooms (and still had charge left).

If your floors just need a wipe down, this baby can definitely handle that. If your floors need to be scrubbed, it's not going to do that for you (as much as I wish that it could). The cube GPS positioning program worked fairly well. There were just a couple spots on my floor where it didn't quite make it all the way to the wall, but for the most part it did a decent job. Not enough to blow me away (especially at this price point), but an OK job. My son asked me if the robot was my friend. I answered "Yes, anything that cleans my floors while I relax in the living room is a friend of mine." It's great in theory, and will do the job for light cleaning, but don't expect too much from this floor mopping robot.
Review by Dan
We've had this little guy for about three months and have been using it pretty much every other day. I couldn't be happier with it's performance.

This little robot is a helper, and keeping that in mind, you'll find your floors stay much cleaner in between your more dedicated cleaning sessions.

That's not to say you're completely out of the picture. You have a responsibility to use this robot, and while his AI is quite impressive at times, it is still an appliance. This is not entirely a "set it and forget it" robot. Think of it as other helpful appliances. Your dishwasher is great! But you still need to properly load it, pre-rinse when necessary, and occasionally still scrape some dry food off of a fork with your thumbnail. Your washer and dryer are fantastic! But you still need to make time for use in your evenings, transfer from one to the other, and darn it, they still don't fold your clothes.

The Braava, is like an appliance in that way. You don't need to babysit it (other than your first few run-throughs) but you need to be aware of it, take it from room to room, change pads, and charge as necessary.

Our home is ~1600 square feet and mostly hardwood floors with area rugs centered in the dining room and living room.

The Braava works most efficiently in our kitchen (pretty much rectangular) and bedroom (again a square with the bed, which comes all the way down to the floor, is centered on a wall and all of our dresser/end tables are legged tall enough for the little guy to easily get under.

The only prep these rooms need when I put Braava to work are; Kitchen) move the two little rug mats we have out of the way. Bedroom) move the dog bed out of the way.

The dining room and living room are connected through a doorway, and I suspect I'll want to get another Northstar Navigation cube to just combine them. As it is now, the Braava gets places I'd never get with a broom. Under the couches, under the book's great.

It's quiet enough to let run while we're cooking, eating, watching TV etc... (though it's a little louder when mopping)

The methodical way in which it cleans was a surprise and is sometimes even fun to watch. They way it reacts to corners, walls, and furniture legs is impressive and it diligently works around them to cover every inch it can get to.

I found the Braava stuck once, so it's the one room that I wouldn't put it in and then leave the house. That room has an older couch where the arm "slopes" in towards the base. This slope was such that the Braava wedged itself and couldn't get unstuck. The rest of our furniture, though, is pretty straight angled and tall enough for the robot to clean under.

It does a wonderful job identifying our area rugs and the more open your floor plan, the quicker it will get around and signal it's done.

We use disposable swiffer pads for dry mopping and the reusable micro fiber for mopping.

We have a dog and a dirt driveway (wooded house) so we definitely are happy with the help in keeping sand, dirt, and hair to a minimum. Yes, the dog barked a lot at first. Yes, he got used to it within the first hour. Yes, we made a funny youtube clip of it which you can view here. [...]

Very pleased with this robot so far and would recommend it to anyone, assuming they know that they do need to actively use it in order to keep the house clean.
Review by Ian Dixon
At home I recently had installed a new hardwood floor and with the kids coming in and out my nice new floor ended up with muddy footprints all over it, requiring frequently cleaning and for someone that loves gadgets I thought there had to be a better way of doing this.

Well there is using a robotic cleaner, there are plenty of options to choose from and I looked at some of the robotic cleaners from iRobot. For my floor I wanted a cleaner that mopped the floor rather than vacuum so I picked the Braava 380 which is a mopping robot.

The robot doesn't have a docking station like the Roomba models. It come with a charger, a dry floor cleaner and a wet floor cleaner. There are two cleaning methods, there is a dry sweep mode where it goes up and down sweeping with a dry microfiber cloth and a wet mode that mops the floor using a wet microfiber cloth in a kind of Y shape pattern. It has a small water reservoir built in to the mop attachment to keep the cloth damp during cleaning. To navigate around the home it uses a Northsart Navigation Cube that takes two C type batteries (supplied). It's basically a satnav for the Braava as it maps out the room and enables the iRobot to cover the whole room without missing any of it.

To get cleaning you place the cube in the room and turn it on, place the Braava in the room and select your cleaning mode. It then pairs with the cube which is uses to work out the shape of the room and helps it navigate around (so it knows where is it at any time). Once you set it off mopping it starts cleaning by moving forward and backward navigating around the room. As it hits an obstacle it negotiates around it remembering where it needs to go back to, you can leave it going and when its finished it seems to clean along the edges and then returns to the place it started.

I tried this in my hallway which is long and narrow and it did a great job cleaning the marks of the floor, it will also pickup any hair and bits from the floor as they stick to the microfiber cloth. If you have a lot of bits on the floor it would probably be a good idea to vacuum it first but it does a great job cleaning. It was also pretty fast taking 20 minutes or so for the hallway.

I then moved it into my living room / dining room where there are sofas, tables and chairs for it negotiate which make the whole process take a lot longer. Once it has finished you can take off the cloth rise it and it's ready to use again.

I found it would do a good couple of hours cleaning between charges which is all my downstairs floors, once I have finished with it I stick it back on charge and then it's ready to go again a couple of hours later. I also found that the it manages to navigate around all the downstairs rooms by placing the cube on one of the rooms it wanders off and does all the cleaning. Most of the time you can leave it to it but a couple of times it did get stuck so you need to give it a hand, after a month of using it I found that happened only two or three times.

It does a great job cleaning, as I have already said if you have a lot of bits on the floor it would be a good idea to hoover it first or if there are any really dirty parts of the floor they may need some attention but for general cleaning of the floor and collecting up dust it does a great job. I have a couple of cabinets that often got missed then I manually cleaned the floor but the Braava never misses them and cleans it very well.