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Hom Bot 3.0 Square LrV790R
Operating Time (hours)
Charge Time (hours)
Operating Pattern
Cell by Cell, Spot, Manual, Zig Zag, Turbo, My Space, Repeat
Scheduled Cleaning
Infrared Sensor
Dirt Sensor
Hardwood, Tile & Linoleum
Spot Mode
Height Adjustment
HEPA Filter
Multi-Room Navigation
Battery Indicator
Full Bin Indicator
Cliff Sensor
Charging Base
Return to Charging Base
Boundary Markers
Virtual Walls
Remote Control
Additional info
+ Hom Bot 3.0 uses a Smart Diagnosis feature to run self-diagnosis on main parts.
+ Dry Mopping
+ Learning Mode – the Hom Bot 3.0 can memorize the cleaning environment for smarter cleaning.
+ Turbo Mode – Hom Bot 3.0 has a Turbo Mode that runs with stronger suction and faster motor RPM to do tough cleaning jobs such as carpet cleaning.
+ 14.8V1900 mAH Lithium Polymer
Comparison: LG Hom Bot 3.0 Square LrV790R vs iRobot Roomba 595

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Review by Michael Countryman
First I would like to say that I have owned about 12 robotic vacuums over the last 6 years beginning with the Irobot red to the Irobot 760 with pet brushes. I have also own a Neato XV11, Samsung Navibot, and Electrolux Trilobite to name a few. my favorite has always come to the Irobot and the Neato second but Now I think that has changed.
First I know that this LG Hombot is an expensive investment but I feel that it has many advantages over the other's but is not perfect and will explain in a few.
The most impressive feature to me and probably will be also for most is the noise or should I say the lack of it. This LG Hombot is so quite that I have to check to see if it is doing anything or has stopped. I run the LG anytime of the day and not only when out of the house like all my other models I have or have had. I will run it while I am watching tv or even while my family and I are dinning and is in now way a nuisance. As for noise levels the Neato XV11 is by far the loudest and sounds like a jet taking off but you get used to it. The Irobot Roombas would be next and then down to the very silent LG Hombot.
The next most impressive feature would be its ability to navigate in and out of rooms and then return to base when charging is needed then return to cleaning when charged. Note: it does not always make it back to the base but then none that I have ever owned made it back to its base all the time either so no big deal. Charging time is about 2hrs for most part and the run time of the Vacuum is also about two hours which is about the standard time of all the other brands except the Elextrolux that is only about 1 hr.
I like the simple touch buttons on the top that respond with very light touch and also has a voice system to acknowledge your selection plus also states any errors. I find that the cell by cell mode works best for me and cleans the best with very good corner and baseboard cleaning unlike the Neato that does not do great in corners or along baseboards. The zig zag works good for small rooms but I have a large house with mostly large rooms. The Turbo mode I really would only use if I want to just do a quick light cleaning. I like the remote with all the timer, mode settings and also a spot cleaning. I really don't use the remote controls often on any of my robotic vacuums. The only thing I really notice that is missing from this is a type of virtual wall to keep the vacuum confined to a certain room if it were needed but my Irobot roomba has two of them still new in box because I never use them or the magnetic barrier for the Neato so for me it is not needed because I almost always just clean the whole house. The packaging is just enough without being overkill and I was really happy to see and extra set of side brushes, roller, and dust bin filter. Also included is a nice little cleaning brush for the roller but I always just clean the roller with my hand but is nice for people that don't want to touch the hair or whatever may be on the roller. It will need to be cleaned after every few cleanings if you have any pets or long hair humans in the house like me.
I like the dust bin location in that can be removed from the top like the Neato. The dust bin capacity is about average and about the same as the Roomba. I think the Neato has the largest one.
Now for me I think I will probably be selling my Neato XV11 because the LG Hombot will be its replacement because I like it so much. I will still be keeping my Irobot Roomba though because when it comes down to just getting the job done and done well the irobot Roomba for my is just plane brut noisy cleaning power. But I also do really love my new LG Hombot and so does my wife. She does not fuse at me for using the LG when she is at home unlike all my other Robotic vacuums because the LG is so quite. The cleaning performance of the LG Hombot is very good and methodical with exceptional room mapping ability due to its upper and lower cameras. I have had it get stuck a couple of times on lamp cords so I just tucked them out of the way and now is no problem. I have not had any problems with the LG bumping into anything not saying that it will not from time to time touch something but it does not bang into them unlike the Irobot Rooba sometimes does. The Neato is very good for the most part at not banging into furniture also.
Oh did I mention how cool this LG Hobot looks? It is very stylish unlike the Neato that is just kindof plain looking. The square shape is very helpful for getting into corners. The older LG Hobot version 1.0 is round and tends to get wedged under my kitchen counters so I really did not like that one. The new LG Hombot 3.0 is great and does not seem to have this issue.
Overall would I recommend this Robotic Vacuum? For sure. Yes.

PROS: So SO quite like a mouse. You really don't even notice it is there just working away for you.
Very good methodical cleaning power with several different cleaning modes like cell by cell, zig zag, turbo, and spot.
Not too pricey when compared to top end Irobot Roomba and in many ways is better.
Cleans very well in corners and along baseboards.
Charges quickly and runs for about 2 hrs on a charge.
Can schedule cleaning for anytime of day or everyday.
Will resume cleaning after battery recharge.
Has very easy and convenient to clean dust bin.
Very nice and stylish design.
Out of all my Robotic vacuums owned over the years this is the overall best performing one I have owned.

Negs: Does not come with any kind of virtual wall or way to keep vacuum out of an area.
Sometimes gets stuck on power cords.
Review by GB
After repeated discussions with my spouse on whether to buy a robot-vacuum or not, we finally decided it was time. We went into this knowing that this thing would not replace a full-size vacuum or mop. This would serve to help maintain the floors a little better, which drives us crazy anyways.

After months of researching and talking with friends, I could not bring myself to buy the Roomba or similar product. Too expensive for very limited results. After somehow finding a review between the new LG and Samsung vacuums, it seemed that the better models were located in Europe and Asia. I came across this model on Amazon and placed the order, knowing there was no set delivery date. It was the only vacuum, other than the Samsung, that I researched that seemed to make "sense" for the insane price tag. It's a luxury item, no doubt. And we have never owned such a device.

After about 3 months, the vacuum arrived a day ago. We have all hardwood floors and tile. It's a relatively complex layout and we have plenty of furniture for this thing to negotiate. Out of the box, came a detailed instruction manual (albeit with some funny English translations), home station, and all spare parts (brushes, filter, cleaning brush). I didn't follow the instructions on purpose and set the home station up in a corner, just to see how this thing would work. I made sure there was amble light in the house and turned it on. I didn't bother to move shoes or a random computer bag or the random Captain America toy (or any of our son's toys). I just spent 800 bucks, it better work magic-box!

Off it went. It was relatively quiet. I was able to have a normal-level conversation with it running. It hardly bumped into any furniture at all, just the occasional chair-leg corner or wall corner. Not even a bump, more of a graze. It negotiated around all of the toys, furniture, and any other obstacles we had. That was one reason why we bought it. We didn't want to change our lifestyle to baby sit a piece of machinery. The side brushes are impressive. They reach into the corners and deeper under furniture, sweeping dust and dirt into the decent sized collection bin. It even got too close to our gas fireplace and sucked up about Jellybean sized gravel, no problem. About 10 pieces. I wouldn't recommend this practice. No damage was caused, but I didn't buy it for cleaning gravel.

It cleane our 1600 sqft home on one battery charge and cleaned the entire house. Handles carpet with no problem and can handle thresholds surprisingly well. I would say our ledge into our bathroom is about 1/4" straight up. It just plowed its way in there and started cleaning. We were happily surprised to say the least. After we followed it around in amazement, we hit the home button on the remote (yes, it comes with a remote). We did it while it was in the back of house and had the longest, toughest route back to the home station. It found it no problem. Scary good.

The vacuum has multiple cleaning modes, but we are leaving it in zig-zag mode, because it eventually "learns" your house and will clean it more efficiently. Has two different options for scheduling, 1-day or everyday. The coolest feature it has, but I have yet to try is the "my space" feature. No fences required. Put the bot in a room you want to clean or area and then lead it with the remote around the edge of the room or area you want it to clean and it creates it's own virtual barrier. Again, haven't tried it yet. I will update when we do. But if it works in reality as good as it sounds in theory, this thing will be BA.

After 24- hours we are pretty happy. We will update in a week or two after having more time with it. So far, it has met all of our expectations and more for a robot vacuum. Worth the wait and price tag.

After a few months of having this vacuum, we are extremely pleased. Again, we view this as NOT a replacement for mopping or a weekly deep-vacuuming. This is simply to help cut down on the amount of time and frequency that we have to do both. The LG has done that, with some surprising outcomes.

1. It cuts down on the "dust-bunnies". The LG can get under our taller furniture and picks up where dust likes to hide, which has significantly cut down the need to vaccuum up those dust balls that accumulate. In that regard, its been great.

2. It has definitely cut down on our weekly vacuuming. We use to run it everyday, but that was unnecessary for us. We typically run it 2-3 times during the week and then do a regular vacuum on the weekends. That use to take some time to get into every space of the house, but with this LG augmenting, the time it takes to vacuum our house is cut by at least 2/3s. It might quite be that much of an improvement, but if it use to take 45 minutes to vacuum everywhere, it now takes 20 minutes. It just seems like we are spending way less time vacuuming. Perceptions can be reality.

- Does not slam into walls or furniture aimlessly.
- Quiet and relatively powerful
- Easy to empty dust bin; decent size dust bin
- Does a good job of cleaning all areas of our home
- Comes with spare parts (also see CONS)
- Do not have to babysit the machine while running
- Worth the price, to us anyways (also see CONS)

- May not be worth the price (depending on what factors are most important to you)
- We are already on the spare parts (brushes). It sucked up a iPhone charging cord (minor damage), but then sucked up a Toddler sock. That bent all of the brushes, requiring us to use the spares so soon. It kept running in "Turbo" mode on hard surfaces, which we finally checked underneath it and saw a wedged sock. So, User Error.
- If you are lazy (like us), then there will be times you miss a small toy, sock, charging cord, etc. and it will get sucked up into the vacuum. Be cogniscent of what is laying around before running it. It can handle it, but at $800 dollars, its pricey to be negligent with it.
- Maintenance. Dumping the dust bin is easy. Monthly, we scrub the vacuum. Cleaning the sensors, wiping it down, cleaning any lodged, small debris, and vacuuming the air filter with an Upright. We are OCD, so that may have something to do with it, but the fact remains that some upkeep needs to be done to it. It certainly is not as "tough" as regular vacuums. I am sure you could not do anything, but empty the dust bin, but to us, the cost does not give us the freedom to do bare minimum.