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Hovo 510
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Review by YknSweetie
First, I have to say that this method of vacuuming is great. The vacuum picks up a lot of pet hair and dirt (It's scary how much it picks up!). A few comments on it's operation...

* It will try to eat electrical cords of any kind. Suggest watching it the first few times you use it, then vacuum proof the area (secure any electrical cords, etc.).

* It does a fantastic job around the outside edge, but doesn't clean the middle of the room completely. The vacuuming pattern seems to be totally random. I'll let it go for a while, then use the remote to vacuum the missed spots. Maybe if I let it vacuum longer, it would get everything.

* It will move small furniture - floor lamps, the cat's scratching post, etc.

* It has a hard time finding the charging station. Again the remote comes to the rescue. I use it to get the vacuum close to and pointing towards the charging base and then press the charge button.

* If it gets stuck and can't get out, it shuts off.

* It doesn't do very well on the area rug in my living room, but does ok on the rug by the front door. The area rug is low pile, but guess it isn't low enough.

* It tries to run over low profile objects for a minute or so before it figures out that it has to change direction. The base of the cat post, base of the floor lamp, legs on the baby swing that come out along the floor, etc. Would be nice if the sensor was lower on the vacuum. (Sometimes it actually runs over the corner of the scratching post base. Still haven't figured out how it does that, then bogs down on the area rug...)

* The instructions do not tell you how to use the mopping pad at all. Do you dry mop, use a cleaning solution, damp with water??

* Support responded very quickly to my initial email asking if a second virtual blocker could be purchased, but I didn't receive a response when I responded asking where it could be purchased.
Review by BMC in PHX
This was the 2nd robotic vacuum that we purchased this month. The first was sent back as it was DOA on arrival, the Neato XV-21. When this one (which was $150 cheaper) arrived I was relieved to find that it was in great working order. It seems on a general inspection there are fewer moving parts on this one, which I take as a positive...fewer things to break.

The manual specifically says that this vacuum is not for thick pile carpet. Luckily, we bought this Hovo to clean our downstairs, which is completely ceramic tiled (see photo). We also have a short haired Chihuahua who sheds. The true test was going to be how this thing could pick up dust and those dog hairs. It passed. I couldn't believe the amount of debris this thing picked up in just about 15 minutes of cleaning. The remote control is very easy to use to set the program, or to just send it out to clean with one click, then one click to send it back to the charger on its own.

I'm at a loss for what exactly the "mop pad" would be useful for. It certainly isn't big enough to do any proper floor washing. Maybe more of a "Swiffer" type dry mop? In any case, I just leave it off the vacuum. I also want to point out that the vacuum is able to climb on and clean a 12 x 9 area rug as well.

I believe this will last with the caveat being it needs proper maintenance, and it needs it often. Keeping it cleaned will pay off in the long run. There are extra parts for the ones that wear out: brushes, filters and pads.