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iClebo Arte
Operating Time (hours)
Charge Time (hours)
Operating Pattern
Back and Forth, Random
Scheduled Cleaning
Infrared Sensor
Dirt Sensor
Hardwood, Tile & Linoleum
Spot Mode
Height Adjustment
HEPA Filter
Multi-Room Navigation
Battery Indicator
Full Bin Indicator
Cliff Sensor
Charging Base
Return to Charging Base
Boundary Markers
Virtual Walls
Remote Control
Additional info
* Noise level: 58db
+ Vacuum and mops at the same time
+ Can Climb up 2CM Door sill
+ 2,200 mAh Lithium ion Battery
Comparison: Yujin iClebo Arte vs iTouchless Robotic PRO

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Review by Lisa Johnson
After using iRobot 350 for 5 years I thought it was time for an upgrade. I was sick and tired of having the iRobot clean a room for an hour or so. After researching the different robot vacuums a bit I came up with 2 models that clean faster, more methodically and are smarter than the iRobot that has IQ level of zero. The two models were Neato Pro and the iClebo Arte. I decided to go with the iClebo. I now have it for a nice few days and it has cleaned my house a few times (my wife has a bit of OCD when it come to cleanliness) and I am amazed at how ignorant I have been for the last few years of using the super slow and noisy iRobot. My main pros are as follows.
1) The iClebo has cut cleaning time by at least 60%. It is able to clean most of my house in the time that the iRobot cleaned one room!!
2) it seems that I have become numb to the noise of the iRobot as the iClebo makes half the noise that the iRobot does. It is so super quiet that I was wondering if it was actually sucking in any dust. Which leads me to my third point.
3) I compared the amount of dust that the iRobot picks up to the iClebo and what a difference. The iClebo seems to fill its bin with dust that I never knew was in my house. My wife jokingly mentioned that she wants to redo the last 5 years of living in a dusty house!!
4) The iClebo is amazingly always able to automatically find it's base no matter at which corner of the house it is. As for the iRobot I gave up on that on day one. It was no point having it look for the base, it wasn't able to successfully do automatic docking most of the time.
5) Battery life - it self understood that if the vacuum is able to clean so fast that battery is amazing. It cleans the whole house on one charge. The iRobot needed to charge 3 time to get the whole house done.

Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase. It was well worth the $500 spent on this product.

The above is my review after having the iClebo for a few days. I will update this review if anything of the above changes.
Review by Alex Gorbatchev
I live in a 1500 sqf loft which is very dusty. This guy runs once every day on a timer, takes about 80 minutes to run through ~1200 sqf of hardwood and picks up all the dust and hair. The floor remain pretty clean.

I see this as getting 80% clean with 0% effort. Come back from work, empty the dust bin. That's all I do to maintain this guy. Occasionally I have to go look for him as he doesn't find his way back getting stuck on something, but you will quickly learn what kind of wires and places he has trouble with and adapt.

The summarize this, if he breaks, I'll buy another one without second thought.