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Roomba 595
Operating Time (hours)
Charge Time (hours)
Operating Pattern
Back and Forth, Random
Scheduled Cleaning
Infrared Sensor
Dirt Sensor
Hardwood, Tile & Linoleum
Spot Mode
Height Adjustment
HEPA Filter
Multi-Room Navigation
Battery Indicator
Full Bin Indicator
Cliff Sensor
Charging Base
Return to Charging Base
Boundary Markers
Virtual Walls
Remote Control
Additional info
+ iAdaptĀ® Responsive Navigation Technology
+ 3000mAh Advanced Power Battery
- No Lighthouse
Comparison: iRobot Roomba 595 vs Tech-Gadget Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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Review by Andrew
I have read so many reviews for the Roomba & Scooba and I have found so many people have so many great things to say and others say it's just OK, while some hate it.

I'm here to set the record straight on these Robots. First off, I don't work for get compensated from iRobot nor do I sell them.

Here's the low down on the Roomba. There are many different models sold by different stores, Sams Club, Costco, iRobot Direct or other retailers. Some of them are the same model, just come with extra virtual walls, filters, brushes etc. I have owned 3 different model Roomba's all in the 500 series line. I returned my first one because it was white and I really wanted a black one but could not find it anywhere. OK, so I'm biased on the color of my electronics, yes, I like all black electronics in my home. The second was returned after I found another 500 series black one that had a built in scheduler which is a MUST HAVE in my opinion if you truly want to automate your vacuuming and this one was a few dollars more and came with 2 virtual walls and some extra filters, brushes and a brush cleaning tool. So it's been 18+ months since I have had my 3rd one and I have to say, I will never go back to manually vacuuming ever again.

If your expecting perfection, than don't waste your money because until they develop Humanoid Robots, this is what we have here today. If I had to give Roomba a number on a scale of 1-10 I would rate it a 10 because it does everything it says it will and as good as they claim. Yes, you will have to make your home robot proof if you want to get the most out of it. What I mean by that, is this, if your house is so cluttered that you have to move a ton of stuff just to manually vacuum like picking up cords, moving shoes, picking up toys etc, guess what, that does not change, however if you have an area that you would normally vacuum and you don't have to really do much, Roomba is ready to go. It is smart, it knows when it runs over a cord and does not get tangled, does that mean you should leave them there so it can run them over, NO! Roomba sucks up little things like Legos and other small lightweight stuff, sometimes they get stuck in their rollers and errors out, OK, sometimes those same things get stuck in your manual vacuum cleaner too. See where I'm going with this? If you have an area that your Roomba gets stuck, then you do what you need to do to prevent it from happening again. I'm talking simple stuff here. I have a fairly complex house to clean as I have lots of stuff in the way, so I had to re-route a few cables, tied them up with twist ties and have to say, my home looks a lot neater as a result.

The Roomba moves slower than a manual vacuum cleaner so it spends more time sucking up stuff and its closer to the ground so it gets more. You would be surprised on what you see it pickup from your carpets even after you clean them manually. Tile, hardwood floor and thick carpet is what I have in my home, It goes over the thresholds in the bathroom just fine, and the transition from tile to wood floors etc. It picks itself up and gets right up on it to tackle the task at hand.

Some people say it's noisy, well my Roomba is no where as noisy as my Hoover Upright, that's for sure! But you won't want to watch TV in the same room it's currently cleaning in either. Come on, be realistic, Power Tools make noise! But seriously, Roomba is on the way lower noise scale as their older robots and of course any standard vacuum cleaner. Don't throw away your vacuum cleaner though, you will still need it to clean AC grills, tops of baseboards, and anywhere that the Roomba can't fit, like behind furniture or whatever else you have in the way from Roomba. I use my upright only to clean my AC Grills and the tops of the baseboards a few times a year. Once a year I do spring cleaning and move everything out and let Roomba do it all for me, I'm not getting my manual vacuum out for that.

I find you should have 2 or 3 virtual walls depending upon your home layout. I like to have Roomba trapped in a room until it's done because I'm a clean freak now. After each room, I retire it to the charger and when it's up and ready again, I proceed to the next room. This is my manual override to Roombas Schedule. Do you have to do this, NO, but I'm a clean freak now, my home is 100% perfectly clean and sanitized 24x7. Roomba made me this way!

I have recently added another Robot to the family, the Scooba 390 and let me tell you, people either love it or hate it. No, it does not get the red sauce off the tile floor that has dried into the cracks for several days, nor will it scrap up that dried piece of spaghetti that hardened to the floor from 3 nights ago nor will it get that corn flake that was soggy wet this morning that no one picked up off the floor and now its hardened to the floor like a scab on your knee. Nothing on the market will, and neither will your MOP! You will have to manually scrub this with your mop or by hand.

If you pick up the food you drop off your floors and manually spot clean so you don't get those bad stains on your floors then the Scooba will make it so you NEVER have to manually clean the floor ever again! Things I do to make my Robots job easier....

--Spot clean after each spill
--Manually pick up large debris on your floor if you see something, pick it up. (if you had a maid, you would not leave it there would you?) well maybe some of you would, but I wouldn't.
--Run your robots regularly so every time they do a job, it's not like they are cleaning for the first time.
--Keep your robots clean! Empty their dust bin, clean filter regularly and make sure the brushes and bearings are cleared from hair.

Hair, that's one thing you should know. If you have no long haired people or pets in your home, GREAT! No maintenance there. If you have long hair in your home, make sure to check rollers after every cleaning and remove the hair from the rollers and bearings. Yes, you actually have to do a little work here. Plan on 1-2 minutes here, it's really a very simple job to do, sure beats cleaning the whole house!

Keeping your robots clean all the time not only puts less wear on their parts, but makes the battery last longer per charge as it has less drag, so it uses less power. Also, less complete charge cycles means your battery will last several years longer. Like anything else with a rechargeable battery, don't let Roomba sit uncharged for any length of time, this reduces its life expectancy. Roombas battery should last you for 3-5 years minimum with proper care, I don't care what anyone tells you, I got 17 years out of my Eureka cordless vacuum battery, 21 years out of my cordless phone battery, and I consistently get 3+ years out of my cell phones battery. My Sony camcorder's battery is 13 years old and still holds a charge (Not a full one, but still enough to get my needs out of it). Yes, I like things to last and all it takes is a little battery knowledge to know how they work and how to care for them to make them last the longest.

Tips on spending less money on consumables:

Wash your brushes and your filter regularly. Yes you heard me right, wash your filter! I get about a year out of their disposable filters. (Yeah, it still looks great, but I decided to change it after a year for the heck of it.) Just rinse them gently with luke warm water from the inside out (That is the opposite direction of dirt flow when in the Roomba), and let them completely air dry before putting them back in your Roomba. I clean my brushes too, but do not forget to remove the bearings so they don't get damaged. You can clean your brushes with soft soap or dish detergent again just remember to shake the excess water off them and let them air dry overnight. Never put anything back in the Roomba even damp. I clean my rollers every month with scrubbing bubbles with bleach to sanitize them, but that's me! No tools required for any maintenance on either machine. Every so often I will take my robot outside and use some canned air and blow out the dust bin, the fan, and the entire bottom of the Roomba with all consumer parts removed. Again, keep your robot cleaned regularly if you want it to last a really long time! If you get 10 years out of your robot, it is not uncommon as I have friends who have had theirs that long and it still works. The makers, iRobot still make parts for all their old robots! And the customer service at iRobot is EXCELLENT! I can't stress this to you enough. If you have any questions prior to purchase, I recommend calling them. They were very honest and truthful to me when I asked about the robots abilities specifically and yes, I was even told of things they will not do well just as I have mentioned in this review.

In the Scooba, I have only used Vinegar mixed with water. 2oz of plain white vinegar mixed with the rest water. It kills all the germs and costs much less than their natural enzyme. Now I have never used their natural enzyme so I can't tell you how it performs. Oh and vinegar/water is APPROVED for use with the Scooba!

Never use anything else in your Scooba!

What Changes have I done in my home since iRobot turned me into a clean freak?

We no longer allow shoes to be worn in the house. They come off at the front door on the Mat and stay inside next to the front door. I have to say that alone has kept my home so clean, that technically the robots only have to run 2 times per month, however I'm a clean freak now, so they run weekly!

Pet's I forgot to cover this one. While I don't have a cat anymore, I did have a cat for the first few months of Roomba. Roomba picked up so much cat fur, I felt compelled to run Roomba on his Scheduler daily! Roomba was my alarm clock M-F at 6:30am. and 8am on Sat, and 9am on Sunday. OK, so I don't sleep in much. Roomba was a nice companion to my 23 year old cat who just loved to watch it do its thing. After a day or two, it didn't even phase the cat. Roomba will suck so much cat fur out of carpet you think is clean it will shock you! Roomba did a mighty find job at picking up those dry scoopable litter that fall off the cats paws all day long. OK, my cat has since passed on, and my house is SUPER SUPER clean now! No more fur, cat litter etc.

I can't stress this to you enough, if you want more free time in your life and can afford the steep cost of the Roomba & Scooba, BUY THEM! Do I think they should cost what they do? Absolutely not! I would like to see the Roomba and Scooba for $149, but that will never happen. Yes, it probably costs them less than $75 to build one including the cost of the box and packaging, but the research and development, that's what you are paying for. There is an awefull lot of technology and development that went into these seemingly simple machines.

Some people have a cleaning girl that comes in their home weekly, some have one that lives in, some have one every 2 weeks, others once a month etc. How much do you pay them? Granted I'm sure they do more, but I'll bet Roomba does the floors better than they do! I'd bet money on that! So you pay a cleaning girl let's say every other week $40? So that's $1040 a year. Roomba & Scooba cost less than that, and they will last you many years.

I'm a single Dad and I don't have someone else to share in the house chores so for me, iRobot has freed me so I can spend more time with my kid and my Girlfriend and less time doing house chores and that alone is worth every penny I paid for my robots. Oh and when you get them, Name them! After all, they are now a member of your family!

Hope you enjoyed my review and I hope I have helped make your decision on whether or not you want these wonderful robots in your life. Feel free to ask me any specific questions you have. See you on the other side and keep yer powder dry.
Review by DAB11
A year ago my wife and I bought a fairly large house with beautiful dark hardwood floors throughout. Now add nine (9) grandchildren and constant, never-ending construction in the backyard and you can imagine how difficult it has been to keep the floors clean. After researching all the usual suspects, we settled on the Roomba 595 because of that model's cost/benefit and the preponderance of very positive reviews. Although we were still skeptical, we thought we would give it a try because of the liberal return policy of Costco.

Bottom-line after 2 weeks of us getting acquainted with Olga...she is simply amazing. I say get acquainted because it took some time to discover her idiosyncrasies. Here are some of our observations and conclusions.

* Spend a couple of minutes picking up small loose items such as trash cans, cords, and chairs. Although she can maneuver around them, she works better when she has room to move.
* Keep her empty and clean. She will not work properly and will even just stop if she needs to be emptied. She has never stopped without a good reason while she was empty.
* Initially she seemed very random and A.D.H.D., but given enough time she cleans the entire area and goes over the floor multiple times.
* She does best if she has a certain section of the house to clean as opposed to the entire house. We have two virtual walls which are wonderful, but I suspect placing some kind of blockage in the doorway would be just fine. For example, we use the virtual walls so she just works in the family room and kitchen until she gets hungry. After she is fed and charged we let her loose in the living room and dining room.
* We have several very dense area rugs and she is able to negotiate and clean them all except one. The one she refuses to clean is a large oval rug with a cream base but has a fair amount of black. In addition, it has a black outer edge about an inch or two wide. She will not go on the rug by herself nor will she leave the rug by herself. Although we don't know sure, we suspect she thinks the black edge is a shadow and therefore "believes" it is the edge of a drop off such as stair steps.
* Watching her finish a room, locate the docking station and the slowly slip into her dock when she is hungry is just magic.
* High entertainment value for the younger grandkids (and truth be known, even for the grandparents).
* It is stunning to see how much dirt/dust she picks up in 45 minutes compared to what we get with our dust mop.
* Cost for the Roomba 595: $300.00. Yearly cost for a house keeper at $85.00 every other week: $2,210.00.

For us she is clearly worth the cost and works and cleans much better than we expected. Highly recommended.