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Roomba 770
Operating Time (hours)
Charge Time (hours)
Operating Pattern
Back and Forth, Random
Scheduled Cleaning
Infrared Sensor
Dirt Sensor
Hardwood, Tile & Linoleum
Spot Mode
Height Adjustment
HEPA Filter
Multi-Room Navigation
Battery Indicator
Full Bin Indicator
Cliff Sensor
Charging Base
Return to Charging Base
Boundary Markers
Virtual Walls
Remote Control
Additional info
+ 3000mAh Advanced Power System Battery
+ iAdaptĀ® Responsive Navigation Technology
+ Molded Soft-Touch Bumper
+ Advanced Cleaning Head
- No Lighthouses
Comparison: iRobot Roomba 770 vs iRobot Braava 380t

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Review by Sammy
I am 41 years old and have had allergies my entire life - they have gotten worse over the past 5 years. I already take Singulair and Claritin but still have symptoms. I was just diagnosed with asthma, which apparently was caused by my allergies. Thus, I decided to wage war on indoor allergies in my house.

I hired a cleaning company to clean my house a few years ago - they were horrible. I did a better job then they did. Also, I have pets and am not comfortable with someone being in my house with them when I am not there. My problem is time - I work full time and was finding little time to vacuum (to the point where I was vacuuming only once every week or other week). I have 3 cats and one dog, with hardwood floors and area rugs on my first floor and carpet in my bedroom and hallway upstairs. My house was not clean, to say the least. I just couldn't keep up with it.

My brother suggested that I purchase this product. I thought, why not? I did not buy this on Amazon because they did not offer the 770 model at the time of my purchase (in April 2012) or I would have - I bought it from the iRobot website.

This model offers a vacuum with HEPA filters in the dust cartridge. Please note that the low cost models like the Mint are not vacuums! They just push around a dusting cloth to collect dust. This would not meet my requirements, for obvious reasons. This product also has a schedule so I can tell it to start vacuuming at a certain time each day. You can also start the cleaning manually at any time but pushing a button.

It's not loud - much quieter than a regular vacuum and I can be watching TV in this room and it's vacuuming in the next room - would be too loud to watch TV if it were running in the same room. And, my cats and my dog were not afraid of it at all. They can be in the same room with it with no issues. It moves slowly so it it is coming towards them, they just move out of the way.

It comes with an instructional DVD which you don't really need as it's pretty easy to figure out. It runs for up to 3 hours on a charge, and will take itself back to its docking station if it needs to recharge and when it's done cleaning. It has cliff sensors so it knows it it is near steps, for example, and will not fall down! It also has a dirt sensor and will go over an area repeatedly if it finds a lot of dirt until it's clean.

The dust bin is a good size - I have yet to fill it up to the point where the vacuum can't go on until I empty it (it has a dust bin light which turns on to tell you if it's full). But, this is not meant to catch the same amount of dirt as you would have if you vacuumed every week or two - this is intended to be used for regular maintenance (every day or two) so it doesn't need to have the same size dust bin as a regular vacuum.

I have a Dyson Canister vac and this product works better than that for many reasons. First, it takes the time to clean the floors - as long as it needs and will go over an area until it's clean. Also, it has an edge cleaning tool built in and cleans along edges (for example, against the wall) well. I have a 2600 square foot house and I couldn't even clean one floor in 8 hours before, since I was rushing to vacuum, dust, etc. in the one day that I had on the weekend to clean.

Since purchasing this product, my asthma has improved significantly and my house is spotless! I loved it so much that I bought another one for the second floor. And, I have found that I dust much less - I used to have to dust every few days (and didn't, ended up doing this once a week if I found the time) and now, I dust every 3 weeks!

This is a life changing product for me. Yes, it's expensive but it costs about the same as my Dyson and it does all of the work for me. I highly recommend this product!

UPDATE 1/14: It's been not quite two years and both of my Roombas are still going strong with no issues. I ordered replacement brushes for them after a year, and replace the HEPA filters every three months or so as recommended. Great product.
Review by Frank Peters
I was SKEPTICAL about the initial $450 price tag for a vacuum bot, & have all tile floors. I bought the Neato XV-21, & the iRobot 770 (non-lighthouses) to keep the better one after testing. Iive alone, & keep a very clean home, so I didn't think they would pickup anything!

Before testing, I wanted to make sure the floor was already clean. I moved all furniture and swept with a fine broom. I mopped all floors to hospital grade and waited 7 DAYS to test the iRobot on a clean floor as an ultimate test. I could see no dirt on the floors. The 770 finished with a 40% full container when done. I was amazed at the machine's effectiveness. It picked up small speckles of dirt, teeny-tiny rocks, hair, lint and other fine particles.

The Neato was tested upstairs and I liked it more in the beginning. Then, it gave a 'LEFT WHEEL STUCK' error message after 3 weeks. The cheaply designed Wheel Motors got tangled and busted by it's internal parts. I looked it up and saw FACEBOOK pages for both companies.. it showed lots of Neato complaints versus Roomba's posts that were compliments from happy operators. This backed up my experience, that Roomba was a safer purchase.

The 770 is like a Sweeper Robot w/ a small vacuum under it's long brush compartment. 770 cleans hard floors very well (but sometimes gave an issue w/ a dark floor mat). It is less sophisticated navigation-wise than the Neato. It goes over itself a tad, has to see it's base to land there, and needs a tad more attention in cleaning it's roller brush than the Neato. It is not as powerful as the Neato (but doesn't need to be on hard floors at least). The 770 is a lot better than it's predecessors (older generation Roombas didn't seem worth the price to me). The 770 is more pleasant if you are in the room while it's cleaning as compared to the Neato, due to less noise. The Neato seems at first more 'practical' in it being more methodical when you want to set it and leave home (if it's working without mechanical failure). But, over time I found the Roomba 770 to be more dependable. The boast of iRobot's HEPA filtrating down to 0.3 microns versus Neato's non-HEPA down to 3.0 microns is not a reason to get the Roomba. I tested both in separate rooms for 2 days w/ large glass plates to see if one put out more dust in the air than the other. Nope, both equally did not spread any recordable dust around the room (zero difference, regardless of Roomba's higher spec listing).

The iRobot (3,000 mAh) battery needs a charge at around 1.5 hours, where the Neato (3,500 mAh) battery needs a charge at around 45 minutes, due to the power draw. The iRobot can be faster at completing large areas requiring 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, because the Neato has to go back & dock at around 45 minutes, recharge for another 2 hours, and then go back to finish.

The Neato always knows where it's base is, but needs charging more often. The iRobot's extra rotating side bristle brush works better than I expected. Both machines picked up the same amount of debris in bin tests on tile (Roomba a bit more). The Neato can go over large obstacles better (things laying on the floor accidentally/ broom stick) maybe 15% better (like a Mars Rover), but the Roomba cleans better under tighter & smaller spaces, due to being shorter in height.

One slight problem the Roomba had was a small issue with dark floor mats, or dark carpet.. it stalled at first on my dark floor mats (I heard some folks taped the sensors). After a month though, it didn't do this anymore. The square-ish Neato seemed to hugs walls & chair feet (via software) better than I had imagined, but the constant passing technique of the Roomba & it's extra rotating bristle brush seemed to pick up more dirt and work better in actuality.

The Roomba is better quality/ more reliable versus the Neato (as of currently... around 3% of Neato's report total breakdowns, and need replacement). The 780 comes with lighthouses, where the 770 does not. I have used those lighthouses but not in large rooms. All they does is makes the Roomba clean for A SET TIME OF 25 minutes per room, which is not always enough time for larger rooms (place barriers and save money with the 770).

Use your upright vacuum cleaner's hose attachment on the pleated filters once a week. Neato has 3.9 stars and Roomba's has 4.4 stars, which backs up this reliability and value report for you.

[2 Month Update 6/11/2013: Roomba 770 working with no issues.. I use it about 2 times a week for floor maintenance ; the issue of it stalling every once in a while on dark carpet has gone away; I have not had to babysit the unit at all for over a month.. zero stalls; I do have to shut doors and lift it and move it to different rooms during some cleaning cycles to complete my entire 2 floor townhouse.]

[7 Month Update 11/1/2013: Surprisingly.. Roomba 770 is still working flawlessly in my 2,000sqft townhouse. It has gotten stuck 2 time in the last 5 months when I was at fault with poorly placing a new mat at back door. I truly thought the robot would rather operate worse over time. My confidence & sense of value in this model/ company is now somewhat surprisingly long-term.]

[9 Month Update 1/25/2014: It has not given any problems (it is at home base when i get home after running it when i leave). It was a whopping $450, but has saved me an estimated 45 hours in cleaning time so far.. costing $10 per hour it cleans floors]

[15 Month Update 7/21/2014]: Working Flawlessly & Strong.. no signs of battery degradation. Seems work better than ever.]

[21 Month Update 1/13/2014]: Working Flawlessly.. it has cleaned for a total of about 105 hours since it was 1st bought (5 hours usage per month.. 2 story home). It was very difficult to overcome the initial price and justify if this unit would work or save time and money. I can now see that if I end up using it for 36 months (5 hours per month), it will end up costing me $2.50 per hour ($450/180 hours) to have cleaned my floors over a 3 year period.]