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Operating Time (hours)
Charge Time (hours)
Operating Pattern
Scheduled Cleaning
Infrared Sensor
Dirt Sensor
Hardwood, Tile & Linoleum
Spot Mode
Height Adjustment
HEPA Filter
Multi-Room Navigation
Battery Indicator
Full Bin Indicator
Cliff Sensor
Charging Base
Return to Charging Base
Boundary Markers
Virtual Walls
Remote Control
Comparison: Techko Maid RV318S vs iTouchless Robotic PRO

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Review by Amazon Customer
Floor cleaners are not perfect machines. I have owned 4 different ones, including this one. ALL of them have their faults, and i believe some people think that when they're spending SO much on something, that its going to be amazing and perfect. Well none have mine have ever been "perfect". This one is far from it.

I have been using a floor vacuum in my house for about two years now. When you initially get one of these machines, its almost like bringing home a new baby, and you have to baby proof the house. Except, you're just making you house vacuum proof? Pick up ALL those cords that are touching the floor, floor mats and rugs? get rid of them unless they're exceptionally flat and do not lift in anyway on the corners or else the unit will roll over onto it and get stuck. My house is "floor vacuum proofed" the only thing they get stuck on now are nerf darts or stuff my kids leave on the floor. AND i'd also like to mention i have hardwood and tile floors ONLY.

The unit does a pretty good job in my house. It picks up dog hair and crumbs all over the place. All floor vacuums are loud and annoying so i can't knock this one for sounding like a vacuum, when essentially thats what it is. If you want something silent, you should look into a MINT. Those you barely hear.

All the floor vacuums i have owned require maintenance. My daughter and i have long hair and the hair gets wrapped around the brushes that spin to collect thing. i do this about once a week. it requires getting scissors and cutting the hair out. a daily cleaning of the dust bin + sometimes a little more cleaning of the dust bin area when it gets clogged with dog hair. My biggest gripe about this one is it doesn't do corners or edges very well and it doesn't have a charging station. my other floor vacuum has its own charging stations and doesn't need me to pick it up each time it goes dead, plug it in, unplug it, then release it each and every time i need it to clean. If you plan on using your floor cleaner everyday, i think the charging station is a must. It really takes the grind out of maintaining it much easier. This would be better for casual use.

bottom line, you get what you pay for. it does a mediocre job, but if you want to find out what its like to own a floor vacuum before you go out and spend over $300 for a good one, this might be a good way to figure out if you are a floor vacuum kind of household. Its not a buy you should make lightheartedly. its a commitment. it involves a new responsibility of making sure your floors are vacuum proof. but if you are seriously about getting your floors cleaned and ready to take the plunge, i'd recommend buying something a little more heavy duty.