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XV Signature Pro
Operating Time (hours)
Charge Time (hours)
Operating Pattern
Virtual Map
Scheduled Cleaning
Infrared Sensor
Dirt Sensor
Hardwood, Tile & Linoleum
Spot Mode
Height Adjustment
HEPA Filter
Multi-Room Navigation
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+ Patented Neato Technology-Laser-guided navigation system scans and maps the room, plans and methodically cleans-instead of just bumping around
* NiMH (nickel metal hydride)
* Blade Brush + Combo Brush + High-Performance Filter
Comparison: Neato XV Signature Pro vs iRobot Scooba 450

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Review by Teresa J. Hulvey
I couldn't find any reviews anywhere for this model when I purchased it and am surprised there still isn't a single review showing up on Amazon.

Info in the box - There isn't any information specific to this model on the box, in the paper manual, or on the disk. No mention of how long it runs on a single charge or about the suction compared to other models. It does mention that charging time is 2-3 hours.

Charging Station Placement - As with the other models, you need to place the charging station along a wall 3 feet from corners or obstacles on either side and the area 3 feet in front of the charger should be clear of obstacles. Luckily, I found a place like that, but there are probably lots of people who can't.

Menu - The menu is extremely simple to use. It asks about the language you'd prefer, asks you to set the time, and then you can schedule up to one cleaning time for each day of the week. You can also set it to spot clean a 4 x 6 area.

Testing Area - I tested it out on my very dusty dark colored hard wood floors. All of my furniture is high enough off the floor for the Neato to scoot under. We have two wool rugs in the area to be cleaned. The dining chairs were put up on the table to make it easier for the Neato to get under the table.

Speed - It's definitely not fast, but at least it does use a well defined pattern instead of going over the same spot again and again. It takes 15 minutes to clean my large dining room.

Sound - It has a rather throaty low pitched sound that I don't find annoying. The volume is at a reasonable level for a vacuum cleaner. TV can be watched while it's running if you turn the volume up a bit. It didn't scare the dog much.

Run Time - When started from it's base, it will run for 20 minutes then return to charge. Once it's charged, it will to back to where it left off and clean for another 20 minutes then repeat this one more time. If it hasn't finished after 3 sessions, it just goes back to the base and it's done. No where in the literature does it say it runs for 20 minutes, but I've timed it through several rounds and it's always the same. It charged overnight and still only ran 20 minutes. I'm not positive, but I thought I read somewhere that other Neato models ran 90 minutes at a time.

Area Covered - I'm disappointed that it can't complete my dining room, kitchen, and family room in 3 charges. My rooms are large, but I would expect it to be able to do at least 1500 sq ft. What this means for me is that it can't automatically clean this area. I'll have to pick it up off the charger and carry it to the areas it doesn't normally reach, take it back to charge, and then carry it back to finish up.

Navigation - Overall, navigation is good but it's far from perfect. In 2 days of messing with it, we've had the following issues: it got lost in a spot of bright sunlight once, it failed to find it's base once (found it 5 times), it bashed into a few things while neatly going around others, it got stuck under the entertainment center (I suspect the legs confused it) a few times, it didn't clean an odd shaped area of the room (sort of an L shape going off to a short hall), it tried to climb up the china cabinet, and it left good sized circles of dust around some pieces of furniture. The ceiling in the rooms we ran it in are 15 ft high and that didn't seem to cause it any trouble.

Dust Bin - Our wool rug under the dining table sheds horribly. The dust bin filled up completely several times, but only once did it notify us that it needed to be emptied. Once the bin is full of fuzz, it starts jamming the intake. Once it starts filling up, the Neato starts barfing up a pile of fuzz every time it goes over an obstacle. The edges of my rugs and the areas where it drove over the flat part of the chair legs (flat metal piece lies on the floor) are surrounded by piles of fuzz.

Suction/Exhaust - Suction seems reasonable, but not stellar. Maybe I'm being unfair comparing it to my Dyson canister vac, but it's not remotely in the same league for suction. Several times I noticed it blowing dust from uncleaned to previously cleaned areas.

Things I still haven't tried:
Kitchen/food messes

We've never had a robot vac before, so can't really compare it to others. So far I'm really disappointed that the vac won't be able to clean this section of the house on it's own (it doesn't cover enough area), that it misses dust along the walls in places, that it leaves big dust rings around furniture, and that it barfs up fuzz around the rugs and anything it drives over.

I'll update my review when I've had a chance to check out more, but figured since there are ZERO reviews available, people might want info ASAP.


I eventually gave up on the battery and called Neato (open 24/7). They shipped me new batteries which greatly helped the situation. I can't tell you if it runs 90 minutes now, but I know it runs at least 45 minutes. Unfortunately, other issues have prevented it from running longer than that. For some reason I don't understand, it sometimes gets stuck under the entertainment center even though it's just fine other times. Several times now I've found it asking me to clear the path when there's only one thing in front of it and all other directions are open. It's also just plain got lost several times.

The shedding rug is still an issue, though I guess it's probably more on the rug manufacturer than Neato. Just yesterday I received a longer magnetic strip which was just barely long enough to block off the dining room. That seems to have done the trick to avoid the rug (but the room isn't getting vacuumed).

Not once has it made it through a full 3 round cleaning run or completed the rooms on that level (kitchen, dining, family, small hall). Even with the dining room blocked off, it never made it to the kitchen. I'll eventually figure out how to make that happen, but it may require one or two more of the long mag strips. My house is extremely open and the furniture is well spaced. If it doesn't just work here in what seems an ideal setting, I don't see how it would clean multiple rooms successfully for anyone.

We have tried it on the carpet and like how well it does. It picks up a lot of fine dust and some fuzz. It's not fast, but it's thorough. It does use a pattern, but the lines it leaves would probably drive an OCD owner to drink. The lines can get very strange even in the hallway. It's very apparent that 1/5 to 2 inches around the edges do not get vacuumed. The Neato body is wider than the area vacuumed.

Again, I want to mention that the sound the vac makes isn't annoying. Last night I turned it on downstairs and then went to bed upstairs. It was barely noticeable.

Overall, it does vacuum fairly well. It just seems to need an awful lot of intervention. Perhaps thinking that I could set it to automatically clean and come back to find the vacuuming done was unrealistic, but I think it's fair to say that's how it's advertised.

If you have questions about how the Signature and Signature Pro models are different from the others, check out their Facebook page. Neato seems to do a very good job of answering questions. The Signature Pro is the same as the V21 with a different color. It comes with the new animal type roller, an old style roller, and two of the newer filters. It does not have any improvements in suction, motor, fans, body shape, etc.

Here's the best way to explain my experience trying to vacuum the house to prep for a party.

1)Pick up cords, papers, clothes
2)Start vac or let it run as scheduled
3)Find clean floors and vac at charger (empty bin)

Realistic (in my opinion)
1)Pick up cords, papers, clothes
2)Start vac upstairs from a charging base (necessary to charge so it can finish)
3)Find clean floors on that level and vac on charger, empty bin, and move to next level (or have one for each level)
4)Repeat 1-3 for each level

1)Put it in the master bath and shut the door - this works well if I remember to pick up the lightweight floor mat
2)Put it in the master bedroom, move it a couple of times, help it find it's way twice, empty bin
3)Put it in the laundry room, find that it ate a hole in my Gelpro mat, pick it up and take to charger
4)Close all the doors in the upstairs hallway & place it at one end, pick it up when done (also automatically did the office) empty bin & put on charger
5)Completely skip vacuuming the kids' rooms because they have blankets, cords, papers, etc on the floor and that junk gets stuck in the Neato
6)Do the stairs by hand with the Dyson canister vac,
7)Set the Neato on the entry level (does a good job on the thin rug, but noticed it won't pick up the paint chips from when I was preparing to paint the front door) - it'll do the entryway and the guest bedroom in one charge, charge the Neato
8)Run around with the Dyson and get everything left around the edges (repeat on each level)
9)Set it in the living room after moving picking up cords and moving things to prepare, after it gets confused, pick it up and move it to another section of the living room, put it on the charger,
10)Use the Dyson to vacuum the one step between the entry level and the living room and the 7 steps between this level and the lower kitchen/dining/family room, (charger is on lower level)
11)Start it from the base, help it by fixing it's position several times, give up and just start moving it to areas to clean and using the "spot clean" function, vacuum the edges it missed with the Dyson (see #8),
12)Give up and use a broom for the kitchen.
With the time it took to charge in between several times, this was nearly an all day adventure even though I did have time here and there to do other things. Also forgot to mention that every time I picked it up I emptied the bin and checked the roller for hair.

Can't tell you how much I want the little guy to be successful in his missions. It's cute, the menu is great, the bin is easy to empty, the sound is good, it's fun to watch, Neato was very nice on the phone & sent new batteries without any hassle, Neato is great about talking to customers on their FB page, the vac snuggles with it's charger, and I don't have to do all the work myself. It's just not there yet.
Review by Rob Chang
Here is my comparison review of the Neato Signature Pro, iRobot Roomba 780, and the LG Hom-Bot Square. I bought and tested all three, and ended up keeping the Neato and returned the other two. Here are the details of our comparison and review of each model:

iRobot Roomba 780 - It is one of the dumber vacuum robots on the market, because it lacks the more advanced navigation abilities that competitors have, while costing more than some of them. It uses brute force blind navigation of bouncing around in a room randomly until it cleans the whole room. Watching it running around like a chicken with its head cut off can really try your patience. You can't help but think if it was smarter in how it navigated, it would get the job done much quicker and more efficiently. It also went over many areas multiple times because it has no memory of where it's been (iRobot says these's an algorithm to its randomness, but you can't tell by observing it). It doesn't get caught up by power cables or get stuck on raised surfaces too easily, but it will get stuck at some point if your home isn't totally flat. Its little corner spinning brush helps it clean corners pretty well, and its overall cleaning power seems fine. It does bump into things though--that's part of its navigation method.

One really disappointing aspect of the Roomba is it's lack of ability to resume cleaning where it left off. It can return to base for charging battery or after it finishes cleaning, but it cannot continue cleaning after charging the battery if it had to return to base to charge before the cleaning was finished. The other two models are able to finish charging and then navigate back to where it left off and then continue.

The Virtual Wall Lighthouse is iRobot's attempt to catch up to competitors, but it's not that useful because the Roomba isn't capable of going home to charge and then return to where it left off, and the Virtual Wall/Lighthouse only allows 25 minutes before it stops and lets the Roomba out of the room. What if you have a big room? The way the Roomba bounces around like an idiot takes much longer than 25 minutes to clean a large room.

For the price you pay, the Roomba 780 should be far smarter and more advanced in every way, but it's essentially a dated technology from the previous century that iRobot overcharges for.

LG Hom-Bot Square - On paper and in video demonstrations, the Hom-Bot Square seemed like it would do the job. We really wanted it to be "the one," but despite its pretty looks and great specs on paper, it ended up being a big disappointment.

It turned out that smarter isn't necessarily better. I had already read other reviews mentioning this, but I wanted to be sure, just in case our house and furniture is laid out more efficiently for the Hom-Bot. But other reviewers were right--it got stuck constantly (15 times in one room) and would also turn itself off for no reason. My wife and I are very tidy and we don't have children or pets, nor do we have clutter in our house. It should have been easy for Hom-Bot, but it couldn't even clean one room properly. Protruding corners were especially problematic for Hom-Bot--it kept getting stuck, and even if we moved it, it would go back to the same corner and get stuck over and over. When it's not getting stuck, it seemed to be pretty smart and efficient, but what's the point if you have to constantly babysit it? You might as well vacuum clean yourself.

We did like the two corner spinning brushes though--it is the best solution we've seen thus far (versus just one corner brush on the Roomba 780). We also liked how quiet it was, and how well designed the internal/removable parts were. But none of that matters when it couldn't even navigate around corners.

In the end, the other reviewers were right. Even though the iRobot Roomba series is a lot dumber, it at least got the job done and didn't get stuck all the time. it might take its sweet time going over the same areas over and over, but it eventually gets the job done and you don't have to babysit it as much. We were unsatisfied with both the Hom-Bot and the Roomba, and we were about to give up on robot vacuums altogether, when I decided to give the Neato a shot.

Neato Signature Pro - Third time's the charm, as they say. We were ready to give up on robot vacuum cleaners and just stick to normal ones, but I wanted to leave no stone unturned, so we bought the Neato Signature Pro and tested it out. We're so glad we did.

The Neato's navigation is superior than the other two by far, because it uses a 360 degree scanning approach that allows it to see the entire room's layout and updates its internal memory/image of the room's layout constantly. It can sense when someone walks near it., or moved an object in or out of the room, and then adjust its navigation accordingly. It is also able to go home to recharge when low on battery, and then navigate back to where it left off and continue.

The Neato can navigate from room too room by itself, but we've noticed that it sometimes might miss a room, so we use the barrier strip it comes with to section off our home into separate areas of two rooms or so (you can buy additional barrier strips from Neato), and it worked perfectly. With less rooms to navigate to, it cleaned every room in each of the areas we divided.

The Neato almost never gets stuck/caught on anything. We're really good at removing cables and making sure our furniture all have their bottom edges high enough for the Neato to get under. We're also very clean/tidy, so we would never have clothes and random objects on the floor like some households. If you want to use a robot vacuum, you really should help it operate in an environment that's suitable for robot vacuums. If you have random loose items on the floor everywhere and with furniture that has low bottom edges for the robots to get wedged under, then don't blame the robot because you didn't do your job as the owner.

The Neato isn't perfect though. It's battery runs a lot shorter than the Roomba (they say it's because it's suction is a lot stronger, and I would agree--you can see/feel/hear the difference easily), so it has to return to home to recharge more often. (EDIT: It turned out the battery we had was faulty, and Neato sent us new batteries, and it runs much longer now.)

The Neato is a bit louder than the other two models, but it really isn't so loud that it drives you crazy, although it would force you turn up your TV a bit. The Neato has no corner brush, which is a bummer because its corner cleaning performance is obviously inferior (youtube has videos showing this). Neato actually was contracted by Vorwerk Kobold to make a higher-end model called the VR-100, and it has a corner brush and a better battery. It sucks that those features are probably exclusive to Vorwerk Kobold, since Neato did not add them to the later domestic models. The Neato also has the tendency to blow stuff around with its exhaust vent, and that means it might blow something to a spot it's already cleaned. It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen.

One thing that rarely gets mentioned in reviews is the Neato's menu has multiple languages, and for any household with members that don't know English well (we're an immigrant country after all), this is a blessing. My wife's Chinese is far better than her English, and Neato's Chinese menu makes it much easier for her to use the robot.

I kind of wish Neato provided a remote control like the other two companies did, since having to chase down the robot and press the button on it while it's moving is a little annoying. I also think the barrier strip it comes with should be at least double in length, and the extra ones you can buy should be a lot cheaper than what the company charges.

The Neato beat out the Roomba and the Hom-Bot by being smarter and not requiring nearly as much babysitting. It won't clean 100% of your home (more like 85%), so you'll need to touch-up the corners and clean the stairs yourself (we highly recommend the Dyson DC44 Animal Cordless Vacuum for that). But for regular maintenance to keep your home looking good, the Neato does its job well and without much hassle.
Review by Mark A. Workman
I have had my Neato XV Signature Pro vacuum for about a month now. In short, I am very happy with it, and it has exceeded my expectations. Is it absolutely perfect? no. Is it worth it? yes! My wife rolled her eyes when it arrived, but I think she has grown to respect and admire our little robotic vacuum.

Good vacuum strength and cleans well
Does a good job around furniture, along walls and in corners.
Covers a large area,
Requires very little attention.

Smallish dust bin.
Likes to eat cords and rug fringe.
A little noisy.
Chases the dog. (ok just kidding on that one)

For us, it vacuums an area of about 2400 sq ft (configured as six rooms). These rooms include a kitchen/dinning, entry, family room, hallway, bedroom and one and a half bathrooms. The flooring is a combination of tile (with area rugs) and carpeting. We are a family of four with one long haired dog (the dog's name is Molly. The vacuum's name is Toto).

I have set Toto to run twice a week. On vacuum day, he runs in the morning, and returns home for a recharge just before lunch. At this point, Toto has vacuumed just over half of the house. ( I typically empty the dust bin during lunch. Sometimes it needs it, but not always). Then Toto finishes the rest of the vacuuming sometime after lunch. He always seems to remember where he left off, and he returns to that spot to start again.

In the beginning, I thoroughly vacuumed our house with our old vacuum. Then I let Toto vacuum. I was shocked by the amount of dust Toto picked up on his first go-round! I was also amazed by how much stuff he vacuumed around and under. I lifted the skirt on the couch, and under he went! He went places where normal vacuums rarely go! I dropped some dry dog food on the floor; he gobbled it up too! Dust bunnies tried to run, but there was no place to hide! With his new software update, he really hugs the walls, and he gently taps our furniture before backing up and going around.

To me, Toto has become our little vacuuming super hero (minus the cape). However, like any super hero, he has his share of enemies! (Mainly cords, chairs and long fringes on rugs) Toto handles most chairs without a problem. (Slowly working his way around their legs) However, sometimes, a chair's legs will be too close together and he cannot back up. He tries to free himself, but alas, he will give up and cry for help. He handles rugs with short fringe (about 1.5 inches long) with no problem. However, one rug has a fringe that is about 3 inches long. Sometimes, he will get some of the long fringe caught in his roller. Although, he is smart enough to detect this condition and he will stop and try to free himself. However, even a super hero vacuum cleaner can't escape the clutches of a long fringed rug! I started laying the magnetic strip along the fringe, and that has fixed the problem. Amazingly, Toto always finds his way back to the charging station. Only once have I found him lost (cold, shivering and looking for a charge). I wasn't home, so I don't know why he couldn't find his way.

He has very impressive suction, and I would say the he cleans better than our regular vacuum. He is a little bit noisy (less noisy than kids), but I can certainly watch TV or talk on the phone while he works away.

UPDATE: 10/14/13
I ran a performance test today. Here are the results. Our vacuum (Toto) cleans our 2400 sqft in three cleaning cycles and two recharge cycles. It could probably complete the work in only two cleaning cycles, but we have a lot of odd angles and a lot of chairs. It takes a while to work around all those angles. If I put all our chairs on tables, it takes less time.

Test Results:
- 1st Cleaning Cycle: Toto cleaned for 1 hour and 25 minutes before returning to its station to recharge.
- 1st Recharge Cycle: Lasted 2 hours
- 2nd Cleaning Cycle: Toto cleaned for 1 hour and 10 minutes before returning to recharge.
- 2nd Recharge Cycle: Lasted 2 hours
- 3rd Cleaning Cycle: Lasted 10 minutes before finishing cleaning and returning to its station.

I hope this helps.

UPDATE: 12/2/13
I am very disappointed to say that my Neato robot has died at a very early age. It had led a very ordinary life, and it had not seen anything but very normal floor cleaning. (Perhaps it died of boredom.) It was cleaning a patch of open floor, when it stopped and gave me a "My vision is blocked (3000)" error. I called Neato. They had a very nice lady help me. She had me check several things. I checked the sensors, blew out the "eyes", power cycle, etc. None of these items helped. Neato agreed to send be a replacement, but they are charging me to ship it back and forth, and it is going to take several weeks. Now, in my opinion, I spent almost $500 (tax included) to buy a vacuum just over 90 days ago. I took good care of it, and treated it well. So, I am disappointed that it did not last very long, and that I am going to pay to get a replacement, and it is going to take a while for it to arrive. (I believe they call that "Insult to injury") Thus, I am knocking down my rating from a 5 star review to a 3 start review. If Neato had stood behind their product for at least a year, I would have left the review unchanged. I am not encouraged about the potential long life and durability of this machine.